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MyFavoriteCity: Visit Arizona

Where else can you find the largest canyon in the world, a huge meteor crater, and the world most photographed slot canyon? Nowhere else but Arizona. The state is home to some of the most awe inspiring natural formations. If you have never visited Arizona, it is high time to put the state on your list of places to visit as soon as possible.

The Grand Canyon

Of course, Arizona is best known for being the home of the Grand Canyon, which is one of most amazing wonders of the world. The canyon reaches depths of nearly two miles and at some places it is 18 miles wide. It was carved over billions of years by the power of the Colorado River, which looks like a little stream when you peer down over the high sides of the canyon. The Grand Canyon is protected by the National Parks Service which offers many different educational programs and tours. There are also river-rafting expeditions and other exploration tours that go deep into the canyon. The Grand Canyon is so large that many tourists only see a small part of it; no matter what part you experience, visiting the Grand Canyon is something that everyone should do at some point in their lives.

Meteor Crater

Arizona is also home to a few other unusual natural formations that are truly worth visiting. About thirty minutes east of Flagstaff, Arizona lies the Meteor Crater Visitor Center. The meteor crater is not protected by the Federal Government, because it is owned by a family that was involved in early expeditions into the crater. While the Grand Canyon can take many days to visit and explore, the Meteor Crater Visitor Center only takes a few hours to tour. You will not be able to go into the crater, but you will get right up to the edge of the rim.

Antelope Canyon

Another interesting natural formation to visit is Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona. This canyon is very different from the Grand Canyon and it is referred to as a slot canyon. The canyon walls are around 100-120 feet high and were formed by a stream bed. The area that includes Antelope Canyon is a part of the Navaho Nation and is one of their biggest money makers. The canyon is not open to visitors as freely as the Grand Canyon is. Anyone who wants to tour Antelope Canyon needs to make reservations in advance and the Navaho Nation’s website recommends outfitters that can provide high quality services. It is extremely important for visitors to remember that Antelope Canyon is an important cultural location for the Navaho Nation and that the area is to be treated with utmost respect.

Sedona and Monument Valley

After you have visited these unique places, there two other locations filled with natural beauty that is a must-see for anyone visiting the State of Arizona: the City of Sedona and Monument Valley. These two locations have unusual rock formations that show how wind and water can affect the geology of the area. Sedona is a haven for artists and musicians who are inspired by the natural wonders of the area. There are amazing resorts and spas in the town. If you visit Monument Valley, be sure to have a tank full of gas. The valley covers areas in Utah and Arizona, and neither state has many gas stations, hotels, or restaurants. You will also want to bring your camera to capture the amazing sites this valley has to offer.

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